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At STRONG WOMEN ROCK  we give you freedom from the exercise grind by changing the strength and efficiency of the most important system in your body - your brain and spinal cord. 


Our approach mimics a natural human reflex designed

to energize your body, increase alertness, and

prepare you for fluid movement. What you experience

is a new"ceiling" of physical capability. This opens up

opportunities for a wider range of activities and

makes everything you do easier. This is why so

many of our clients say, "I'm doing things I haven't

done in 20 years."


This upgrade in your nervous system is what frees

you from the need to do what is traditionally

thought of as "exercise." But don't misunderstand,

that doesn't mean you won't. The SWR approach

creates a sense of well being; an upward spiral of

desire to be even more active, so rather than feel

compelled to go to the gym and sweat for an hour, you'll be able to do more of what you want on your terms with the confidence that your improved physical fitness will always be with you when you need it.

It's just a different way to get to a better place.


And we do this with 20 seconds of your best effort.

Don't beat yourself up with exercise and age your body faster. There's a better way. At SWR we've got it. 

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